JPE 610

JPE 610 Sessions

JPE 610 sessions take place throughout the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). These sessions may include other relevant occasional lectures or sessions led by other partners across campus. Students can register for these sessions individually through the JPE 610 webpage, and successful attendance and participation will be recorded on the student's transcript. These sessions can be completed after candidacy (please check with your program, however, if there are requirements to complete sessions earlier). All doctoral students must attend at least 4 JPE 610 sessions prior to graduation. If you are interested in proposing a new JPE 610 session to be added to our calendar, please visit our Get Involved page for more information.

How do I get credit for attending a JPE 610 session?

For All JPE 610 Sessions:

  • Full attendance is required in order to receive credit. Students should read the registration page for each one and know the time slot for the session and prepare accordingly. Arriving late or leaving early may result in no credit.
  • Students do not enroll themselves in JPE 610 through OPUS. After a student has attended a JPE 610 session, we will ask the registrar to enroll the student into the specific course corresponding to that session, and it will display as one JPE 610 course on the student's transcript for that semester. If a student seeks to find out how many sessions they have completed to date, they should visit their OPUS account and review their transcript.
  • Each JPE 610 session has individual registration pages (see below), and students should sign up for whichever session(s) they wish to attend. Some may be listed as limited-entry, and therefore, we will use a lottery system to select students to attend.

For In-Person JPE 610 Sessions:

  • Make sure you bring your Student ID and know your Emory EMPL ID number (the EMPL ID number should be available at the top of your transcript or pay advice).
  • Please arrive on time. JPE 610 credit will not be provided if you arrive late to the session. Students must stay for the session's full-time slot as indicated on the schedule page (including any Q&A following any presentation). Leaving early may result in no JPE 610 credit.
  • Unless directed otherwise, please refrain from using your laptops or smart devices during the presentation.

For All Remote JPE 610 Sessions:

  • Make sure you have created your Emory Zoom account by visiting, and ensure that you have updated your Zoom client to the latest version before joining the Zoom meeting or webinar.
  • Please ensure that you have registered online for either the Zoom meeting or Zoom webinar through the JPE 610 schedule page below.
  • Full attendance is required to receive JPE 610 credit and if the session is advertised as an interactive session, the student must have their audio/video capabilities enabled in order to receive credit. If you are unable to be in a space where you can interact with the facilitator, please decline the registration.

JPE 610 Sessions