Welcome to the Jones Program in Ethics (JPE) at Emory University. The JPE provides students with a foundational, cross-disciplinary introduction to the question of ethics for their research, training and careers. It is a required, integral part of the curriculum in LGS doctoral programs across the humanities, social sciences, biomedical and natural sciences, public health, nursing and business.


The story of Bobby Jones is a landmark in sports history. Though it has been nearly eighty years since Robert T. (Bobby) Jones Jr. captured the Grand Slam (an accomplishment that stands alone still), this golf legend continues to be memorialized today. Bobby Jones is admired for far more than his golf record. The Atlanta native left enduring legacies of character, sportsmanship, intelligence, and charm that span continents.

It is this legacy that the Robert T. Jones Jr. Program seeks to honor through programming that advances scholarship, integrity, and ethical engagement.