Non-Degree Students

Note: If you want to take courses in the schools of Nursing, Public Health, Law, Medicine, Allied Health, Theology or Business, please contact those schools directly.

Who Are Non-Degree Students?

If you have at least a bachelor's degree and wish to take courses at Emory but do not wish to earn a degree, you may apply for admission as a non-degree student. We refer to such students as  special standing students. In order to be considered, you must have an overall undergraduate grade point average of C or better.

This enrollment may be suitable for a variety of individuals: spouses and partners of Emory students, faculty or staff; students from other universities seeking special training at Emory (visiting or transient students); Emory employees looking to take Emory courses; and anyone else seeking some education, but not a degree, at the graduate level.

Visiting (transient) students who wish to earn graduate credit for transfer are admitted as students in special standing. Students should contact appropriate officials at their home schools to confirm that the Emory course credit(s) will transfer. Visiting students should complete the special standing application, and submit a letter from the Director of Graduate Studies at their home institution verifying that they are in good standing. Transcripts are not required for consideration.

Emory employees should consult the policy regarding courtesy scholarships for eligibility information at least 60 days prior to registration. Application for a courtesy scholarship is independent of application for admission. Links to information are posted to the right.

International students can be special standing students.  The visa situation can be complex, and potential student in this situation should contact International Student and Scholar Services.

Students looking to come to Emory as part of graduate exchange programs (from Augsburg, Montpelier and other universities) should always work through the host programs first, and should complete an application only if the program asks them to.

Applying for Admission

Registering for Courses

Special standing students must obtain written permission from course instructors before enrolling. Some programs require additional signatures — check with program administrators to determine specific restrictions on course enrollment. Non-degree students are not allowed to audit courses.

Faculty may grant permission by email.  There is more information about this on our Non-Degree Admissions page.

Note that degree-seeking students have priority in course enrollment. A special standing student who wishes to enroll in a closed course must obtain explicit permission of the instructor to enroll in the course as an overload.


Information is on our Tuition and Fees page.

Subsequent Admission as a Degree Student

A student in special standing who later wishes to enroll in a degree program must submit a formal application for admission, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a non-refundable $75 application fee.

Students admitted in special standing are not guaranteed subsequent admission to degree programs and should not expect preference in admission.

Programs enrolling special standing students in courses are not obligated to offer those students special consideration in admission to degree programs. Up to 9 semester hours of course work completed in special standing may be applied towards degree and residence requirements with the program's recommendation and the Dean's approval.