Undocumented / DACAmented Applicants

We welcome applications from undocumented and DACAmented individuals.

We evaluate applicants without regard to immigration status and are committed to providing a supportive training environment for all admitted applicants.  Below is information about how to complete an application for admission and about funding.

Application for Admission

  • Our application for admission does not ask about an applicant’s current or projected immigration status. You are not required or obligated to reveal your immigration status.
  • In your Statement of Purpose or in the Optional Diversity Statement (PhD program applications), you may discuss your status as an undocumented or DACAmented applicant, especially if it is relevant to your academic background or interests.
  • You may also ask a recommender to comment on your status in their letter of recommendation.
  • Undocumented and DACAmented applicants are eligible for application fee waivers on the same terms as other applicants. 
  • Our application does ask several questions in the general area of citizenship. Here is guidance about how to answer those questions.

Application Question

Answer Guide

Country of Birth, City of Birth (required)

Provide your information

Social Security Number (optional)

SSN is used to help us distinguish applicants with otherwise very similar or identical personal information.  It is not required.

Citizenship (required)

Choose “Other”

Country of Citizenship (required)

Provide your information

Dual citizenship country (optional)

Provide if applicable

Funding Eligibility

  • Undocumented and DACAmented applicants who are offered admission are eligible for the same merit-based institutional scholarships and fellowships that are available to any student applying to the Laney Graduate School. For PhD applicants, that includes stipend support.
  • If you are DACAmented and applying to a PhD program, you may want to mention this in your personal statement, since it affects eligibility for special admissions fellowships.
  • If you are undocumented and not in DACA status with work authorization, and are offered admission to a PhD program, you must inform us of your status before you accept the offer, to ensure your stipend support is handled correctly so no delays in payment will occur.
  • Questions about eligibility for student loans should be addressed to the Office of Financial Aid