Course Registration

There are two steps to registration: paying bills and signing up for courses. It is also important to register in the appropriate status.

Note to Special Circumstances:

  1. Special standing students register using a different process. For information, scroll down.
  2. Students who have not enrolled for two consecutive semesters need to apply for readmission. For information, scroll down.

Paying Bills

You must pay your bill at the Student Accounts and Billing Office in the Boisfeuillet Jones Center by 4:00 p.m. on the day of registration. Students who do not complete payment and registration by the deadline will be assessed a $150.00 late registration fee.

Signing Up for Courses

  1. Before you register, consult with your advisor about your schedule, and check with program staff for any program-specific requirements.
  2. Remember to obtain instructor approvals by email for permission-only (department consent), overloaded (closed) courses, and audit courses.
  3. New students will have access to enroll in classes immediately after matriculation. Programs may have a different enrollment policy and you should consult with your program to confirm if they enroll you.
  4. You are responsible for obtaining the required program approval for your schedule and for verifying that your registration is correct.

Registration Status

All students taking courses must be in enrollment status. This includes all audit, directed study, and research courses as well as standard coursework for degree-seeking, certificate and special standing students.

Special Standing Students

If you are a special standing student, you may not use OPUS to pre-register.

Before registering for a course, you need to obtain instructor approvals by email from course instructors and programs. Some programs require special standing students to obtain permission from the director of graduate studies as well. Once you have obtained the necessary email approvals, upload them by submitting an online Special Standing Application.


Students who do not take coursework for consecutive semesters must apply online for readmission at least 30 days before the semester in which they wish to re-register. Readmission is approved at the discretion of the program or division, and programs may prescribe additional course requirements for readmitted students.

When approving readmission, programs should pay particular attention to a student's academic standing at the end of the last semester registered and to grades of incomplete which were converted to Fs during the student's absence. Students who have exceeded the eight-year limit on time to degree cannot be readmitted without an official extension. Students who discontinued work with a terminal master's degree will not be readmitted.