Apply for a Degree

Congratulations on reaching this milestone! Review the information below to make sure you are on the right track to apply for your degree. Forms are in the callout box titled "Forms."

When Should You Apply?

You must submit an Application for Degree in the semester you want to graduate.  An application submitted during an earlier semester is no longer valid. 

The Application for Degree is due before all other items, early in the semester.

The degree application deadline is set by the Registrar, and is listed on the LGS Academic Calendar found on the LGS website. Students who submit degree applications after the deadline will be charged a late fee of $25, payable by money order or a check made out to Emory University.

Online or Paper?

You can apply for your degree online, in OPUS, if your record indicates that this semester is your anticipated semester of graduation.

Dual or Joint degree students applying for their degrees must submit a paper form by the deadline if they can not apply for their degrees in OPUS.

Questions? Contact Tamika Hairston at, and be sure to include your student ID number in your email. 

What About Certificates?

If you are receiving a certificate in addition to your Master's or PhD, you must also include the name of the certificate (second line, circle "Certificate" on the form) on the degree application for your degree. 

When you submit your completion package, be sure to include the Certificate Completion Form.

  • Reminder: In order for certificates to be noted on students’ transcripts, students should submit an Application for Degree by the degree application deadline during the semester they plan to graduate.

One More Thing...

As you work through the process of applying for your degree, consider one more thing: your name on the diploma. See Emory's Student Name Policy.